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Teza juiced tea - to drink or cook with

Category: Reviews  |  Post by: Andrea Wong
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Sitting out on the deck, the summer sun warming my skin, a glass full of chilled iced tea in my hot hands. Ah, that sounds good.

There are a few iced tea-style drinks on the market now, but today I'm going to talk briefly about Teza. Teza kindly sent me some of their juiced teas to try out. "Juiced teas?" I hear you say... think iced tea with some natural fruit juice. It contains no preservatives or colourings, which is great in my books. Yes, there is added sugar but it isn't overly sweet so it's very refreshing and easy to drink.

In my never-ending journey to discover what is new and tasty around our fair country, here is my take on their range of tea flavours which includes: lemon & mandarin, velvet berry, feijoa & limeblossom, mango & ginger, peach & passionflower. With my tastebuds switched on, I quickly discerned my favourites.

I'll start with my favourites first.
Velvet berry was my favourite out of the bunch, followed by peach & passionflower (I'm a sucker for peach flavoured things).

The others were nice too but my least favourite was the lemon & mandarin - this flavour wouldn't be the one that I would reach for from the grocery store shelf.

Naturally, these drinks were made to be... well, drunk. However with my food blogger's hat on, I was thinking of other ways to enjoy these teas, other than poured into a tall glass, over copious amounts of ice.

After taking a thoughtful sip of each flavour, I thought of what kind of food it would go well with. Even though the feijoa & lime blossom ranked in the middle of my order of preference, upon sipping it and thinking about a food pairing, this was the one that excited and inspired me the most.

I have always thought that pork and feijoa would go really well together, so I tried roasting pork belly in Teza's feijoa and lime blossom. It worked a treat! The flavour was subtle, but it matched really well.

Other food-slash-Teza matches include:

  • Prawns marinated in mango & ginger Teza
  • Venison with Velvetberry Teza
  • Make a dressing with peach & passionflower Teza and pour it over a salad of leafy greens, ricotta and roasted almonds
  • Fish cooked en papillote with lemon & mandarin Teza… fancy way of describing roasting in a baking paper pouch

Whether you end up drinking it or cooking with it, I'm sure that you will find your favourite flavour of Teza!

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  • 11/12/2011 4:54 p.m.

    We got the same thoughts when we were given some to review... we went with Cheesecakes!

    - // Velvetberry
    - // Peach & Passionflower
    - // Feijoa & Limeblossom
    - // Lemon & Mandarin

    I think they all had merit, but some worked better than others. ;)