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Advertise on So D'lish

Promote your business to New Zealand food and drink lovers in the 25+ years age bracket.

Reach an audience that currently spends on average, 3 minutes on the So D'lish website.

Advertising rate card

  • Banner ad (760 x 120 pixels): $30+GST per CPM (per 1,000 impressions)
  • Minimum ad campaign spend: $210+GST
  • These prices do not include the creation of the ad - see below of ad creation pricing.
One ad from the pool of advertising will be displayed at random, each time a page is loaded. That means that if there are four ads in the pool, the probability of the ad displaying at any one time is 25%.
Contact So D'lish to book your ad.

Ad specifications

When creating your ad, it must meet the specifications below.

File types accepted: jpg, gif, swf

Banner ad size: 760 x 120 pixels

Maximum size for any ad: 30kb

All animation must stop after a maximum of 10 seconds.
Ads must not contain fast flashing or strobing.

Each ad must have a border around the edge, to help visually separate it from the website's background.

You don't have an ad yet? No problem.

Andrea Wong Design (AWD) can design an ad for you. Simply decide whether you would like a static or 3-frame animated ad, email AWD with the text and images.
  • $195+GST for static ad
  • $295+GST for a 3-frame animated ad

Complex ads, flash ads and conceptulisation can be quoted separately.

Contact So D'lish to book your ad.