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Each month we're going to list a few of the cool new products that foodies would love, as well as news from the cafes, bars and restaurants from around the country.

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Culley's Chili Sauce

Mr H likes to put chilli sauce on (almost) all of his meals, so when I saw that Culley's won a Cuisine Artisan Award for its Tijuana Green Chilè sauce, I knew I had to get some. Adding Culley's Chipotle and Habanero sauces to my shopping basket, I think that will keep Mr H happy for a while.

The Tijuana Green Chilè sauce is tangy but not hot. It would be great simply with some mashed avocado on toast, or dripped over grilled prawns.

Available in 150ml bottles online from Culley's for $10 or Farro Fresh.

The Collective Sucks!

Last time, The Collective went big with their 1 litre pourable yoghurts, this time they have gone small with the release of their snack sized Suckies. In little squeezable and suckable tubes, Suckies are designed for big and small people on the go. Freeze or chill the Suckie and enjoy it at play time or during your coffee break. It's easiest to eat when thawed although you can eat them frozen - just thaw a little and rip open the packet for a mini yoghurt ice block.

Each Suckie is 70g, just under half a standard single serve yoghurt pottle, so it's great if you just feel like a quick calcium hit.

Available in Bouncing Berry or Bonkers 4 Banana flavours, in packs of 8 for RRP $5.99.

Organic ice blocks from OOB
OOB, the people that bring us organic blueberries from Omaha have developed some d'lish sounding organic ice blocks. These new 100% organic real fruit ice blocks contain no additives, preservatives, gluten or dairy -­‐ just nature’s finest antioxidants. Available in packs of 6 in either lemondade, mango passion (mango and passionfruit) or mixed berry (blueberries, strawberries and raspberries).

RRP $11.99 for a pack of 6 from specialty stores

Pourable, drinkable Collective Dairy yoghurts
Easy-peasy smoothies or drink straight from the bottle (no sharing!), appealed to my breakfast taste buds. There's Tummy Love Kefir Yoghurt containing natural kefir (a fermented milk drink that has a sparkling effect due to the presence of CO2 produced by yeast and bacteria) or Boy’s n Berry Pourable Yoghurt containing boysenberries and blackcurrants.

Available in 1 litre bottles, RRP $5.99

Lisa's Vege+ dip range
Famous for her hummus, Lisa's has launched a healthy and tasty range packed full of veges, Vege+. It's nice to have a healthy option when choosing a dip for your next movie night or bbq. Flavours include chipotle & grilled peppers, creamy pumpkin with cinnamon, cumin & pomegranate, roasted kumara with orange & mint, moroccan carrot & honey. RRP $4.69 from supermarkets nationwide.


Flyhidrate eases the stress of flying
Kiwi company Flyhidrate has developed a 3-drink pack that helps offset the principle stresses of long distance flying: dehydration; altitude effects; and poor circulation.

The unique three beverage system consists of: Boarding Pass, to drink after taking off; Cruise Control, to drink mid-flight; and Landing Gear, to drink before landing. Each Flyhidrate drink has a strong focus on natural ingredients and a unique formulation to deliver specific benefits at each stage of the flight.

Flyhidrate is available airside at Auckland International Airport and is arriving at international terminals throughout Australia and New Zealand soon. It’s available in two sizes for shorthaul ($15.99) and long-haul ($18.99) flights. 

Pratty's Fresh Off The Boat tea

Pratty's teas - delicious and healthy
Pratty's teas are a new delicious range of tasty and healthy teas. Made by Leanne Pratt a naturopath and herbalist, these teas have a definite health slant but don't worry, they are tasty! In fact, when I first opened my packet of Fresh Off The Boat (pineapple and carrot), it smelled so divine, I couldn't resist but eat a little bit straight from the pack! This one will be great as an iced tea... bring on summer!

Available at selected cafes or online.

Greencane kitchen towels

Greencane Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels aren't usually a very exciting subject, but these are different :). I buy recycled kitchen towels because I don't see the point in cutting down trees just for cleaning up kitchen mess!

Greencane kitchen towels are made from a mix of canes and fibrous residue waste mainly left over after sugarcane has been crushed and the sugar extracted. I've tested these and they are just as soft and effective as the normal paper versions.

RRP $4.20 per twin pack available from some organic stores and New World supermarkets

Kapiti Kitchen syrups

Kapiti Kitchen syrups
Kapiti Kitchen has revamped their look with some fresh new packaging. Their lemon, lime and bitters is a current favourite. It's quite delicious made in my vintage SodaStream! Other flavours include raspberry, lemon, rhubarb and ginger, elderflower and lemon manuka honey and ginger RRP $11.99 for a 750ml bottle.

Naked Kitchen meals

Naked Kitchen Meals

Naked Kitchen have produced a range of holiday destination themed meals, all made with the freshest of natural ingredients. The range includes chilli bean and tortilla ragu, fragrant Thai red curry, Thai jungle curry, Morrocan chickpea tagine, and Tuscan ribollita.

All of these meals are vegetarian and are fairly mild, so can be eaten as is, or simply add your favourite meat and some extra heat. Get dinner on the table in the time in no time at all. RRP $5.99